Facilities and Services

The goal in creating a wellness life is to understand how to nurture our body's own inbuilt healing abilty. We provide modern, gentle and safe procedures to restore spinal and body wellness.

building1 Hope Spinal Wellness has a reputation for excellence in the field of family Chiropractic Wellness care. We provide care in a welcoming, friendly practice that is innovative, fresh and vibrant. Early morning and evening appointments are available and we have especially dedicated children’s area. Other Facilities/services include:
  • Digital onsite x-ray facilities
  • Chiropractic, and Massage
  • MyZone
  • The Wellness Score
  • Electronic treatment table
  • Fully computerized office
  • Cold light laser therapy
  • 8 Weeks to wellness programme
  • Patient lending library
  • Nutritional supplements and products
  • Weekly wellbeing workshops
  • Weekly stretch and core classes
  • Functional fitness gym
  • Easy access
  • Registered with Health Funds