Functional Fitness

Living a 'well' life does not happen overnight. It's not a destination. It does not happen after eating one healthy meal. It's a voyage. A goal set in the horizon. A lifestyle. It happens one day at a time, step by step, lesson by lesson.

At Hope Spinal Wellness our motto is ‘life is motion’. We love being active and taking parting in sport all year round, whether it’s running, swimming, water skiing, cycling, yoga, horse riding, snow skiing, roller skating or cricket you name it we will try it. Our aim and ethos is to get you active fit and moving well again. We want to help you be the best in your chosen activity, your enjoyment and performance can be dramatically improved by optimizing spinal balance and alignment whether you are walking the dog or training for an Olympic medal. Modern lifestyles such as long- term desk work, driving and use of computer devices can force us into sedentary less active lifestyles which in turn can lead to poor posture and spine related issues. To help you on the journey back to moving well, we have built a state-of-the-art functional fitness facility. We run fitness sessions to help you regain your posture, mobility, strength and fitness. Sessions are customised to maximise your healing results while having fun..