Preganancy, Babies And Children

Teaching our children to be well through our behaviours and actions today leads to a healthier world tomorrow.

babiesImage1 Babies & Children: We love kids! We see babies and children of all ages, literally from birth. We have lots of toys to keep the kids entertained, change facilities, buggy parking and ground floor access throughout – we aim to make your visit as stress-free as possible. Our amazing team is always ready to help out and we have kids coloring and stickers so you can have your adjustment without worrying about the children being bored. We have kids of our own; so understand what you need to be able to relax! Chiropractic for Pregnancy, Babies and Kids: Pregnant mothers are usually very well informed and do all they can for the new arrival: healthy eating, cutting out alcohol/cigarettes/drugs, exercising-yoga, chiropractic and massage. It is normal to hope for a natural, intervention and drug free birth and doing all that can be done to facilitate this outcome. Then, after birth, breastfeeding to give baby the best possible start in life. Even the most natural birth and start to life can result in stress to such a delicate system. For some personal experiences, please read our family testimonials. We see many mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy and are happy to try and help even if you are due in only a few weeks. Our chiropractors are trained in the Webster’s technique, a gentle way of ensuring the pelvis is relaxed. “The Webster Technique is defined as a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustments that reduces interference to the nerve system and facilitates biomechanical balance in pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments” (Jeanne Ohm). “The Webster technique is a specific assessment and diversified adjustment for weight bearing individuals and is utilised to enhance neuro-biomechanics” (I.C.P.A).
Gentle techniques: We are proficient in gentle spinal and cranial techniques aimed to improve the function of your child’s spine, nervous system and cranial system. Our chiropractors also use gentle cranio-sacral techniques to ensure that your baby is adjusted carefully and precisely. Adjustments on babies and children are delicate and careful and always tailored for the individual. Our chiropractors are all very experienced in dealing with newborns and will always be careful and considerate towards your amazing baby and child. We aim to correct the cause of a problem in the least number of visits possible. We use the best available evidence to help your child by drawing information from the scientific literature, knowledge of the natural history of your problem and collective clinical experience.
Regular check ups: Younger spines are much more flexible than in adulthood (all those amazing gymnasts!) and they also heal amazingly well. Children are constantly using their bodies in many physically challenging ways – with regular bumps and knocks. Apart from the obvious traumas to the spine that can occur such as a fall or car prang, or wearing a heavy backpack every day, there are other causes of misalignment that are often overlooked. We notice the big falls and bumps that our children have, but there are many smaller events that contribute to spinal subluxations like chronic postures with computer, mobile and gaming devices. These may not result in pain in a child but are paving the way for worse posture later. Getting your child checked regularly after a fall or at significant developmental stages is the best way to ensure their spine is subluxation free.