The goal in creating a wellness life is to understand how to nurture your body's inborn healing ability. 


Innate ∞ wellness is the start of your journey back towards better health. We give you the tools, inspiration, skills and practical guidance to use as a platform to rebuild, nurture and create optimum healthy function for the rest of your life.

It is a pro-active and holistic program to help you move, think, eat, sleep and operate better in your life. At HSW we not only want you to look and feel better but ultimately we want you to function more optimally to create healing. Innate Wellness incorporates Chiropractic, Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Massage and Mindfulness through a guided plan to transform your daily healthy habits for life. We consistently produce significant results with measurable changes in lifestyle, fitness, posture, weight, BMI, Body composition and blood pressure.

The journey starts with a full health and chiropractic assessment including postural analysis, functional movement screening and spinal x-rays (if clinically indicated). Measurements, such as height, waist and blood pressure will be taken to enable us to track and measure your progress, physiology and function through the Wellness Score system. Further we run an InBody composition analysis, that helps us look beyond the numbers on the scales and shows what your body is really made up of, giving us accurate measures of your percentage body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass and extracellular water to name a few.

We encourage you to attend one of our free orientations into our Innate ∞ Wellness programme. These are held regularly and will fully inform you about the programme and if Innate Wellness is right for you.

If you have any questions please contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

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