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Posture is the window to your spine and nervous system.

Whatever causes back pain, it's important to make improvements in your POSTURE and using your body correctly. 

This weeks Hope E-Chat will help give you ideas on correcting postures &movements which may aggravate back problems. Click below to download.

About Us


Veronica Hope and her husband Scott have been serving people of Canterbury and surrounding areas since September 1999. We are proud to be a family practice and with our fantastic team and ongoing commitment to personal and professional development Hope Spinal Wellness is well known for its friendly, caring and wellness ethos. Since graduating as a chiropractor in 1990, Veronica has spent countless hours on postgraduate training in chiropractic techniques including spinal care for children and during pregnancy, Saco-Occipital technique, Chiropractic Biophysics and spinal-postural correction, Activator Methods, Cold Laser protocols as well diagnostic updates. Veronica is certified in the Webster technique and is truly passionate about teaching people how to live well through chiropractic and how we think, move and eat. She is a respected and inspiring public speaker in the field of health and chiropractic. Veronica is also a co-author in the brilliant book Abundant Health published in 2010. Veronica, Scott and their two children Ethan and Abigail live locally and any spare time is spent together usually in pursuit of our favorite sports and hobbies. Veronica has unique insight into how spinal and neurological dysfunction can affect the human health potential. She practices in a wellness model both in her life and in her chiropractic practice and it is my purpose to improve the health and wellbeing for myself, my family and the community through chiropractic and lifestyle adjustment. “The learning and journey continues.” “You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it.” Rumi