There would be highly significant cost savings if more management of low-back pain was transferred from physicians to chiropractors… Users of chiropractic care have substantially lower health care costs, especially inpatient costs.

(The Manga Report)


New Patient Consultation - £60

Spinal X-Ray - £100

Spinal Adjustment - £35

Re-examination - £50


30min Massage - £30

45min Massage - £40

60min Massage - £50

Wellness Workshop Fee - £10

Functional Fitness

Small Group Sessions - £35

Wellness Score - £50

InBody Composition Analysis - £50

Cold Laser Therapy - £35

Your chiropractor will create an individual care plan for you with a gentle series of adjustments to help improve spinal health and function. We offer affordable programs of care as well as pay per time options.

ALL OUR SERVICES ARE VAT EXEMPT and we are registered with Health Funds