Our Team

We are a familiy practice transforming the health of the community through chiropractic and lifestyle adjustments

Veronica Hope - Senior Chiropractor

Veronica was born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia. As a young girl Veronica witnessed first hand the benefits of spinal adjustments on the recovery from ill health of a family member. The impression from this experience was so profound that Veronica decided to work in this field of health care. Upon graduating from high school Veronica attended The Phillip Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia and graduated as a Chiropractor in 1990.

Since graduating, Veronica has completed extensive post graduate training in spinal care during pregnancy, paediatrics, various techniques including spinal biophysics and spinal/postural correction, nutrition, diagnostics updates, philosophy as well as prevention and wellness based holistic health care. Veronica is a respected and inspiring public speaker in the field of holistic health care and speaks nationally and in the local community regularly.

After practicing in both Australia and England Veronica and her husband Scott and their two children have settled in Canterbury. In 1999 Veronica and Scott established the Hope Spinal Wellness Practice. It was our purpose to inspire and educate the community that a healthy life comes from nurturing our own inborn healing potential. Our ethos is not only helping people with symptoms but also truly understanding the cause of ill health and correcting that. Our focus is on teaching people how to be well again.

Nora Bjorkqvist - Fitness & Massage

To me, health and fitness is not a fad but a way of life. There are no quick fixes and my goal as a Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse is to advise, motivate and help implement changes to your lifestyle that are both manageable and sustainable. This background allows me to help clients with many aspects of their wellness program including, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning as well as recovery.

My passion for this profession stems from the possibility to help people of all ages and levels of fitness to improve, maintain or change their overall personal health and fitness. I love working together with my clients to help them progress and reach their goals. Our sessions together will be your chance to get away from your daily stresses and just focus on you!
I look forward to meeting you!

Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Masseuse
Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Program
Exercise Referral Instructor
Level 4 Personal Trainer Specializing in Obesity and Diabetes

Amy Dearberg - Chiropractic Assistant, Massage Therapist & Fitness Coach

I became interested in sports massage through treatment I received from my time
snowboarding/skiing in the French Alps. I benefited greatly and learnt a lot from those
treatments. I noticed a real difference in my performance, mobility and recovery. So my aim
as a Sports Massage Therapist is to make improvements in people’s health and balance
through massage and wellness lifestyle. The ethos at Hope Spinal Wellness is a perfect
match for my massage therapy. I am also very passionate about health and fitness and
compete in figure competitions, so a lot of my time is spent a training at the gym which
involves resistance weights and cardio training. The experience and knowledge I have built from massage and working at Hope Spinal Wellness I have been able to incorporate with my training and I truly believe my performance and recovery have immensely improved
because of this.

Lucia Lloyd - Massage Therapist

Lucia became a massage therapist 13 years ago. Tired of being given the same prescription for different symptoms – from a common cold to a skin rash – she believed there had to be an alternative.

Reflexology and Body massage caught Lucia’s interest, so whilst continuing to work full-time, she studied. With an insatiable appetite to learn, – she took to the Himalayan foothills to study thermal therapy (hot and cool stones) and Indian head massage.
She loved helping people through massage and ran her own business in Spain and Bahrain.

If prevention is the key to wellness, then how can anyone argue with a weekly massage? Lucia Lloyd, says’ anyone can benefit from massage from seasoned athletes to individuals who are desk bound’.

If you are stuck behind a desk, commute to work, or are training for a local run or a triathlon, go for a massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and induces relaxation. She practices Trigger point therapy, sports massage, Indian head massage, Stone therapy and Reflexology.

“It’s never too late” declares Lucia, “the body is an amazing machine, which we take for granted”

She feels she is a great fit at Hope Spinal Wellness as it really is a great place to get your life back and your body back on track, benefitting from the regular workshops which compliment lifestyle choices. And Dr Veronica Hope has definitely got your back covered.

Lynsey McKay - Chiropractic Assistant & Fitness Coach

My interest for fitness started in my early 20s when I started playing roller derby in Leeds, a sport I fell in love with quickly. When I moved back to Canterbury 2 years later, the only way to continue playing was to start the first team in Kent. Since 2010 I have coached 100s of women within the sport and became Head Coach of Kent Men's Roller Derby in 2017

During this time, I also started participating in Crossfit and found another fitness love in lifting weights. Seeing how fitness and sport can transform people's lives led to wanting to change career and becoming a personal trainer.

I have also seen first-hand the benefits of chiropractic, being a patient at Hope Spinal Wellness myself. When I first visited in 2016 I had limited mobility and was unable to participate in any sports or even sit down for any length of time due to the pain I was in. Since receiving Chiropractic with Veronica I have been pain free for a number of years and able to return to my previous level of activity.
This has given me a much larger appreciation of the potential of Chiropractic and the healing ability of the body.

I look forward to working with you to help achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Charlotte Young - Massage Therapist

We are all very excited to have Charlotte joining the team later this year.

Scott Hope - Practice Manager & Fitness

Scott believes in creating a positive and friendly environment for healing. He shares his enthusiasm and energy for life with all who meet him. Scott is a living example of being fit for life. He is an athlete in his own right and has completed two Ironman Triathlons, is a skilled motocross and BMX rider. Scott, is also a competitive slalom water skier running into 13 meters on a regular basis. He is also a keen snow boarder and you will see him regularly at the gym. As a result of his son’s interest in cricket, Scott trained as a juniors cricket coach in 2011 and now manages the under 11’s cricket side at Street End Cricket Club. Scott is the resident fitness trainer and also runs the fitness centre, where he is looking forward to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Karolina Masomi- Massage Therapist

Karolina is part of the wellness ethos at Hope. Karolina completed her studies of Sports Therapy Massage at the University of Kent. She, can provide deep tissues massage, acupressure, and rehabilitation and prevention advise for different injuries.

Karolina is passionate about helping and guiding clients with their care from improving nutrition to getting back into exercises. Karolina has also huge interest in Chinese medicine. As an additional treatment method to her rehabilitation she completed acupuncture course for musculoskeletal injury. She works closely with Dr. Veronica and other professionals to help in recovery and correction of any health issues and her main goal is to get patients back to a health and physical wellbeing. From deep tissue massage to rehabilitative treatments Karolina is also known for her unconditional commitment to clients care, incredible work ethic, and enthusiasm of life. “I joined Hope to make a real difference, being part of the team is enormously rewarding. I really enjoy working with people and seeing how they can improve their health and life , whether it is a sportsperson breaking a personal record, or a more senior person being able to regain their mobility and independence.“

Gemma Hallam - Massage Therapist

I trained as a Complimentary Therapist in 2002, and now after having my two beautiful children I want to get back to my passion of helping people through my massage therapy. I have Diplomas in Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release. I not only practice my massage therapy on humans… as the other huge love and passion in my life is horses. I have ridden, worked with and been around horses since I was 8 years old, and this year I have decided to undertake a Diploma in Equine Sports Massage. My goal to help both people and horses throughout their rehabilitation from injury and to improve their general health and wellbeing throughout their lifetime. I can’t wait to meet you all and hope to make a difference in your life.

Sue Churchward - Chiropractic Assistant

I have been working as a receptionist and assistant at Hope Spinal Wellness since 2008. I started chiropractic care with Veronica in 2006 for pain and problems with my low back, headaches and fatigue. There began a new and bigger understanding of health, healing and my own potential for improvement. I have made incredible progress personally and with my health. Since joining the team at Hope Spinal Wellness as a chiropractic assistant m y healing journey has expanded even further.

I very much look forward to meeting and seeing you with personal understanding and a big smile.

Jo Archer – Massage Therapist

Jo qualified as a massage therapist in 1991. ‘I first came to Hope Spinal Wellness six years ago for problems with my neck and back and serve headaches. Veronica and the team through chiropractic care really helped me. More recently I have done the 8 Weeks to Wellness program. Starting better nutrition and fitness alongside chiropractic and it has literally transformed my health and energy which I need to be able to keep up with my 2 beautiful kids. I love being part of the HSW team working to make a positive difference in not only my own health but of the fantastic clients who attend.